“You Called Me to Serve the Church with My Life”

United Methodist campgrounds offer a unique opportunity to experience the Holy Spirit to middle and high school students across our state. At camp, students spend time in fellowship, recreation, and worship; growing in faith and in the community of Christ.

Eternal Effects

What happens beyond camp? It is not an isolated experience, like a remote vacation you long to revisit. Our camps affect the Church in ways that flow into the daily work of Christian community.

John Hollon, current youth director at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in Bethany, is one such example. As a recent high school graduate, he spent his third year at camp wrestling with God’s will for the next chapter in his life.

“‘If you’ll just let me know clearly, then I’ll do what you ask me to do. I’ll figure it out,’ I prayed. As I was doing that, a hand touched my shoulder. I looked to see who it was, and it was one of the younger students in our youth group. He wanted to talk, and we spent the rest of worship talking and praying together.”

John asked for a clear picture, and was led into a glimpse of the ministry God had for him: a ministry of pouring into and praying for other students. For the last 14 years, he has brought hundreds of students to experience the Holy Spirit as tangibly as he did as a student in high school. This is just ONE story of the camp ministry in Oklahoma.

Do you want to tell a better story?

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