Outlining the story of your life

Have you ever thought about what things you would quickly gather if there was a fire, tornado or other emergency? If yes, then you have already done many of the things that are important in making an estate plan.  In reality, an estate plan is nothing more and nothing less than a listing of what you have (or expect to have) and what you want done. It is arranging for the things you have to go to the people or organizations you want to have them.

Once you have made the decision to have a will (or update the one you already have), call the Oklahoma United Methodist Foundation at 800-259-6863 and ask for a free Christian’s Guide to Planning Your Will or Trust.

Writing your plan is easy, especially when compared with the cost and trouble of trying to determine your wishes when you are not here to explain them. Writing a will with the guide and your attorney is so easy that you will be glad you did, and so will those you care about.

Have you considered including a provision for a United Methodist cause in your will or estate plan.  You can use this method to establish an endowment fund to benefit your local church or favorite United Methodist ministry, and the effect can be tremendous.

Perhaps the best part of including a gift in your will is knowing you have secured a legacy matching your life’s goals.  You will be remembered for the good you did and impact you made.