One simple act. Many great results.

The next time you are in line at the post office, bank or movie theater, consider this: only one in three people around you has a will. As you ponder the people in line with you, it does not matter how rich, poor, young or old they may be. The simple fact is that most people in this country do not have a legally binding will or estate plan.

Wills and the reasons why people write them, or fail to write them, are legendary. In one of the most famous cases, a judge ruled Howard Hughes died without a will and his $2.5 billion estate was split among 22 relatives, even though one person claimed to have found Hughes’ will on a church desk, and another said the will was found in a Nevada gas station.

Take time to talk with your family and your advisors about what is important to you and what passions, ideals and good works you want to continue beyond your lifetime. It is a great opportunity to let your family and cherished causes know just how important they are to you.

If you need help finding an attorney or want more information, the Oklahoma United Methodist Foundation is an estate and legacy planning resource for the Oklahoma United Methodist Church.  Visit their website at and request your copy of A Christian’s Guide to Planning Your Will or Trust.  The guide and the online videos will help you move through the process if creating a will.  Planning and providing for your loved ones can be an uplifting and positive experience.  Please contact the Foundation if you have any questions or need additional information, 800-259-6863.