No better time than now

Many people are reluctant to write a will, or even discuss one. However, those who do are always glad they did.  A well-written plan is never about life without us, it only affirms the life within us.

When we write a will, we tell the world what is important to us. A will affirms our hopes, dreams and protects our loved ones and cherished causes.

Take a moment this winter to enjoy all the season has to offer.  But also let it serve as a reminder to call your attorney about writing your will, or ask if it needs updating. In the meantime, think about your values, your beliefs and the family members and charitable causes most likely to share these values with you.

The Oklahoma United Methodist Foundation is an estate and legacy planning resource.  Visit their website at and request your copy of A Christian’s Guide to Planning Your Will or Trust.  The guide and the online videos will help you move through the process if creating a will.  Planning and providing for your loved ones can be an uplifting and positive experience.  Please contact the Foundation if you have any questions or need additional information, 800-259-6863.