El Sistema Oklahoma

“Music is my life, my peace, my freedom, and my heartbeat”

Music is a gift that can affect any life and unite all kinds of people. Music is the heartbeat that pushes on in a ministry here, in Oklahoma. El Sistema Oklahoma is an impressive program established in Oklahoma City supported by St. Luke’s United Methodist Church and the Wanda L. Bass School of Music at Oklahoma City University.

Musical Citizens

“The mission of El Sistema Oklahoma is to serve the community by engaging children within an ensemble-based music program so they can share the joy of music making and grow as responsible citizens.” -www.elsistemaok.org

El Sistema Oklahoma is impacting 220 children daily in the third through ninth grades and developing in them the skills and tools to express themselves and find personal fulfillment by learning to play an instrument. Music has the power to transform lives, empowering children beyond their wildest dreams.

A Student Profile

Take a few minutes to hear the story of one student gaining confidence through the music at El Sistema Oklahoma! A student conductor named Lexi:

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