Jackie’s Story

Jackie Stafford suffered from over a decade of poor dental health and was unable to afford private dental care. Through some connections with Catholic Charities, Jackie found the dental clinic at Neighborhood Services Organization (NSO). She soon made an appointment and received much-needed treatment at a very affordable rate. (see nsookc.org)

“Immediately when you walk in the door, they are very professional, but they are very friendly. If anyone comes in here and does not feel like family, that would be a huge surprise to me.”

Her mouth was in such bad shape, she could not even chew. Embarrassed by her teeth, she would put her hand over her mouth, because she didn’t have any teeth to show.

Blessed by the loving-kindness of the staff at NSO Dental, now Jackie is all smiles.

What makes this story possible…

The Dental Clinic at NSO is partially supported by funds from an endowment managed here at the Foundation. The endowment fund funnels into The Petree Grant which was used to support NSO and their ministry in 2015.

We can help you tell a better story with your life through an endowment like this one! Contact David Battles at dbattles@okumf.org or 800-259-6863 to discuss legacy planning options.

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