Investment Summary Q2 – 2017

The markets continued to advance in the 2nd quarter as we saw strong U.S. corporate earnings, record low unemployment rates, and continued low inflation. It has been an excellent year so far for absolute investment performance with all four broad asset allocation strategies of the Diversified/Endowment Investment Funds with positive performance:

  • S. Equities +8.9%     /   International Equities +15.1%
  • Fixed Income +4.2%    /   Inflation Protection Strategies +1.3%


The Funds have out-performed peers in the Lipper Median year-to-date due to:

  • Overweight to emerging market stocks in the international equity portfolio
  • Allocations to non-U.S. dollar denominated bonds and high yield bonds in the fixed income portfolio
  • Underweight U.K. inflation-linked bonds and overweight U.S. inflation-linked bonds in the inflation protection portfolio


June 30, 2017
12 months Ended
June 30, 2017
Diversified Fund 8.2% 13.0%
Lipper Median* 6.5% 10.0%
Over (Under) Performance 1.7%   3.0%
Endowment Investment Fund 8.2% 13.0%
Lipper Median* 6.5% 10.0%
Over (Under) Performance 1.7%   3.0%
Fixed Income Fund 4.1% 3.3%
BC U.S. Aggregate 2.3% (0.3%)
Over (Under) Performance 1.8%   3.6%
* – Median returns from the Lipper mutual fund universe for balanced funds in the asset class category. As of 6/30/2017, the universe consisted of

5,047 peers. Source: Wilshire Associates, Lipper, and Wespath



Notes: Historical returns are time-weighted and net of all fees.   Returns greater than one year are annualized. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.