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“Music is my life, my peace, my freedom, and my heartbeat”

Music is a gift that can affect any life and unite all kinds of people. Music is the heartbeat that pushes on in a ministry here, in Oklahoma. El Sistema Oklahoma is an impressive program established in Oklahoma City supported by St. Luke’s United Methodist Church and the Wanda L. Bass School of Music at Oklahoma City University. Musical Citizens […]

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We can’t wait to tell Better Stories of God changing lives this year.

We are telling stories about how the generosity of faithful people can impact so many lives for so many years…From individuals like Jackie Stafford blessed by Neighborhood Services Organization to ministries like the Exodus House in OKC, God is telling incredible stories of renewal, hope, and faithfulness worked out because of the foresight and stewardship of His people.

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    Better Stories of Campus Ministry

    Janina Graves is now the Associate Director at the Wesley Foundation at Oklahoma State University. As a college student at OSU, she encountered the inevitability of countless questions as she began to navigate her adult life. At the OSU Wesley Foundation, she found a safe […]

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  • Camp2

    “You Called Me to Serve the Church with My Life”

    United Methodist campgrounds offer a unique opportunity to experience the Holy Spirit to middle and high school students across our state. At camp, students spend time in fellowship, recreation, and worship; growing in faith and in the community of Christ. Eternal Effects What happens beyond […]

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  • 18136653 Xl

    Hope Planned Out

    Pearl Opel Thorpe lived in a small house near Utica Square in Tulsa. She was a collector of art, dolls, and hats. Preferring to be called Opel, she was a warm and eclectic woman who always dressed in bright, matching colors. She had that jovial […]

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