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If you would like to create a plan for your future or need to make updates to an existing plan, the Wills Planner can help you get started. Watch the videos to learn how to use the Wills Planner to create the peace of mind that comes with having a plan. When you are ready to get started, login to Plan Your Will and create your personal settings.



Many of our local churches are constantly seeking to raise more money and attract younger families. ARISE is a process for churches to rediscover their mission and what God has called them to do. This opportunity will get your leaders and members thinking, talking and praying about the future of the church.

Better Stories

Better Stories
Every month, we will tell a story about how the generosity of faithful people can impact so many lives. God is telling incredible stories of renewal, hope, and faithfulness worked out because of the foresight and stewardship of His people.

What We’re Up To:

El Sistema Oklahoma

“Music is my life, my peace, my freedom, and my heartbeat”

Music is a gift that can affect any life and unite all kinds of people. Music is the heartbeat that […]

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Better Stories of Campus Ministry

Janina Graves is now the Associate Director at the Wesley Foundation at Oklahoma State University. As a college student at […]

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“You Called Me to Serve the Church with My Life”

United Methodist campgrounds offer a unique opportunity to experience the Holy Spirit to middle and high school students across our […]

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